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R$ 220,00

If you like diving, then come meet Arrial do Cabo with Passeio Rio!

With over 35km (21 miles) of incredible beaches, crystal clear water and abundant sealife, Arraial is certainly a diver’s paradise. Come meet this incredible place with us, aboard on a nautical tour with lunch included!



The complete proposed itinerary for Arraial do Cabo goes on the main local spots, which are:
  • Prainhas: called by the locals “As Prainhas” and also known as “Praia da Escadaria” (Escadaria’s Beach), this beach has one of the best places for a picture: stairs that come from the top of the hill, all the way to the sand. The access is made by boat which departures from Dos Anjos Beach or by car, passing through the Pontal do Atalaia Hill. At peak season, the access is limited to a maximum amount of vehicles at the beach.
  • Do Forno Beach: among all of Arraial’s beaches, this is the one with the warmest water. It has approximately 500 meter(546 yards) and its on the top 5 most beautiful beaches of Brazil. The access is made passing by a very steep trail of approximately 20 minutes, which certainly worths the effort. Older people or kids should choose the access by boat.
  • ✓Blue Grotto: pointed to the sea, accessible only by boat, with a 3 meters wide and 15 meters tall opening, the Grotto is no doubts one of the main attractions of the trip. Its name is given by the fact that when the sunlight reaches the water, it reflects it into the rock walls, turning them into a beautiful blueish color.
  • Farol Island: Ranked by the National Institute of Spatial Researches (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais) as one of the most perfect beaches of the country, following criteria such water purity, sand’s quality and natural forest. Accessible only by boat, with length of stay of number of visitor strictly controlled by the Navy, which may end up resulting in queues, mainly in peaks seasons and holidays.
  • Nossa Senhora’s Crevice: On this crevice, there’s a small statue of Mother Mary. Locals say the statue was found by a fishermen on the crevice. Then, it was delivered to a church. There, it disappeared and was found once again in the crevice. They took it back to the church couple times and it would keeping disappearing and reappearing in the crevice. In the end, it was replaced with a replica placed definitively in the crevice.
  • Gorilla Rock: This huge rock, sculpted by nature, has the silhouette of a gorilla. Some say they can see it, others say the don’t. If you can’t, just take another Caipirinha and surely you will be seeing it in no time!


The main advantages of doing a Arrial do Cabo Trip with Passeio Rio are:
  • Daily Departures
  • Total comfort and safety
  • Professionalism proven by more than thousands of feedback on social media
  • TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • Dynamism, optimization of time and cost.
  • This package includes: roundtrip transportation in air-conditioned van, tour guide attendance, tickets and lunch included (except for drinks and disserts)
The bookings for the Arraial do Cabo can be done preferably through our e-mail, reservas.passeiorio@gmail.com, or through the website, filling the form at the “BOOK NOW”. We also have a Whatsapp chat number available at the “CONTACT” page.
  • *Every Tourism Company needs to pay taxes to access Arraial, and every tourist must pay a R$ 8,00 tax on the pier to access is. This tax is NOT included in the package and can only be paid in the local, in cash.
  • Please note that this intinerary is subjected to the Navy. The Navy can suspend it due to strong winds, high waves, etc.
  • *We recommend tourists avoiding Arraial at peak seasons, holidays and weekeds, as the city receives way over the amount of people it can handle. Traffic jams, waiting lines and etc. are predictable on theses days.

Pickup Locations:

Our pickups are always infront of hotels’s lobbies, where we are allowed to park our vehicles. The main hotels are in:  
  • Leblon
  • Ipanema
  • Copacabana
  • Botafogo
  • Flamengo
  • Downtown
  • If you are hosted in another neighborhood, please contact us for more info.
  • Kids under 5 y.o.: Free (carrying)
  • Kids from 5 to 10 y.o.: Half price
  • Kids above 11 y.o.: Full price
  • The City Tour is guided by a certified and experienced Tour guide.
The Passeio Rio is a legallized Tourism Agency, specialized in Receptive Tourism in the state of Rio. We have our own fleet on vehicles, with a professional and specialized team.
  • Don’t put your trip under risk, hire a legal agency. Demand its register in Ministério do Turismo. CNPJ: 07.426.439/0001-20 – Cadastur: 19.050628.10.0001-5


The trip is not cancelled due to climatic conditions, as there are always customers that won’t have another opportunity to take the trip. However, as stated above, the Navy can cancel the nautical tour if there’s strong winds, high waves, etc. If so, we refund our customer with R$ 30,00 referring to the nautical tour, and we make a trip by land.

We have 3 stops for diving of 30 minutes each. We go to the Farol Island, Prainhas and we dive at Do Forno beach. On peak seasons, we may not stop at Farol Island, as Navy limits its public to only 250 persons. In this case, we stay longer on the other spots.

To book your trip, we need you to inform: full name of the passengers, hotel or address you’ll be hosted in, cellphone number, day of the trip, trip you’d like. You can send us those info by email or Whatsapp. We ask in advance R$ 30,00 for each passenger, which can be sent to us by bank transfer. This value will
be deducted from the total amount. The remaining value will be paid to the tour guide during the trip. Customers can change the date of the trip up to 24 hours before their trip takes place. Customers can cancel their trips with full refund up to 72 hours before the trip takes place.

Around 3:30 hours.

Around 12 to 14 hours, including the pickups and the trip.

Our pickups are infront of the main hotels of South Zone and Downtown. If you are hosted in somewhere else, please inform us and we will indicate you the closes pickup point. The pickup times are around 06:00 A.M. and 08:00 A.M. We arrive at Rio around 07:00 P.M. and 09:00 P.M. On peak seasons, this may vary.